Texas Adopts UELMA

Governor Abbott signed HB402 on Friday allowing Texas to join the ranks of those states that have adopted the Uniform Electronic Legal Materials Act. You can track the progress of UELMA’s passage across the country at this ULC site.

Ed Hart, Assistant Dean for Law Library and Lecturer of Law at UNT Dallas College of Law, submitted the following remarks:

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Barbara Bintliff, on Friday the Texas Senate followed the House and adopted HB 402: Relating to the adoption of the Uniform Electronic Legal Materials Act. For three legislative sessions, Barbara recruited legislative sponsors, and she provided testimony about the importance of UELMA at committee hearings. One story she shares from the 2017 legislative session relates how she won over the Secretary of State causing him to drop his opposition mere minutes before their testimony at one committee hearing.

Barbara was assisted by the legislative clinic at UT, and she enjoyed the universal backing of library associations, both law and non-law, who all endorsed the adoption of UELMA.

Femi Cadmus, as President of AALL, sent a letter recognizing the contributions of SWALL, DALL, HALL, and AALL past president Barbara Bintliff towards Texas being the 22nd jurisdiction to adopt UELMA.

Again, we all owe Barbara Bintliff, and everyone else involved, a debt of gratitude for their tireless efforts on our behalf for the last three legislative sessions, which led to the adoption of UELMA in Texas.

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