SWALL Committee Announcements & Member News

SWALL Nominations Committee

The SWALL Nominations Committee is seeking suggestions for candidates for the positions of Vice President/President-Elect and Secretary of the 2019-20 Executive Board. The principle duties of these offices are set out in the SWALL Bylaws, section 6.2 and further defined in the SWALL Procedures Manual, section V. Suggestions must be received by January 25, 2019.

Please email suggestions/nominations to either Michelle Rigual (rigual@law.unm.edu) or Marin Dell (marin.dell@ttu.edu).

SWALL Life Membership Committee

The SWALL Life Membership Committee is seeking nominees. Life members have voting privileges but are not assessed annual dues. To become a life member, an individual must have been a SWALL member for at least five years, be retired from active library work, and be elected by the membership. For more information, see Bylaws, sections 2.2 and 2.3.

Please email suggestions/nominations to either Michelle Rigual (rigual@law.unm.edu) or Marin Dell (marin.dell@ttu.edu).

SWALL Grants Committee

The Grants Committee is pleased to announce that our Executive Board has approved three travel grants to attend the SWALL 2019 Annual Meeting, which will be held April 14-16, 2019 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  These grants may be used for registration, accommodations, food, and travel – with requisite receipts.

The Kate Mara Grant Award ($650) is a travel grant, which was established in 1986. This grant honors Kate Mara who was a book jobber in Dallas, Texas. She was the wife of John Mara, a founding member of SWALL. She helped organize the first SWALL meeting, which took place in 1958 in Dallas, Texas. The Kate Mara Grant Award is awarded to a person attending his or her first SWALL meeting. Applicants for this award do not have to be current members of SWALL.

Marian Boner ($650) was a former president of SWALL (1969-1970), the first director of the Texas State Law Library, and the author of A Reference Guide to Texas Law and Legal History. The Marian Boner Grant Award, established in 1990, is awarded to a current SWALL member to attend the current SWALL meeting. This recipient must be an active officer, an active Committee member, or one who is working on a current SWALL project. The SWALL Grant Committee members are not eligible.

The Coco-Miller Grant Award ($650), first established in 1998, is a general travel grant to be awarded to members of SWALL attending the annual SWALL meeting. Al Coco was the director of the Law Library at the University of Denver; Oscar Miller was the director of the law library at the University of Colorado. They served as past presidents of SWALL and were awarded honorary life memberships for their distinguished service to SWALL.

More information on these grants and the grant applications process will be posted in early February on the SWALL Grants page.  Please stay tuned for more information.  We would love applicants to be able to join your colleagues as we all learn about Rockin’ Roles for Legal Info Prosat the SWALL 2019 Annual Meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas.

2018/2019 SWALL Grants Committee:

David Gay, Arizona State University Ross-Blakley Law Library
Wendy Law, Texas A&M University School of Law Dee J. Kelly Law Library

SWALL Membership Committee

Greetings SWALL members,

For those of you who have renewed your memberships, many thanks! For those of you who haven’t yet sent in your renewals, there’s still time! Membership is only $15 per person and entitles you to the following great benefits:

  • Ability to view and post to the SWALL listserv
  • Registration at the members-only rate to attend the 2019 SWALL Annual Meeting
  • Publication of your name and institutional contact information in the SWALL Directory, which will be available on the SWALL website (if you do not want your information published, you may opt out)
  • Eligibility for SWALL grants
  • Opportunities to get great professional experience serving on SWALL committees and publishing in the SWALL Newsletter
  • The ability to network with your law librarian friends and colleagues in the SWALL area!

Information about membership categories is available on the SWALL website. To join or renew, just fill out the attached form and send it along with your dues payment to the SWALL treasurer, Jamie Baker, at the address listed on the form. The form is also available on the website. If you have any questions about membership, just contact me at cburress@law.tamu.edu.

We look forward to welcoming you (back) to SWALL!

Cynthia Burress
Chair, SWALL Membership Committee

SWALL Member News

Sherri Thomas, the University of New Mexico Law Library’s Assistant Director and Collections and Systems Coordinator, has recently been appointed to the position of Associate Dean for Institutional Climate & Equity for the UNM School of Law.

Christopher C. Dykes and Daniel G. Donahue recently published Environmental Law: A Legal Research Guide, a research guide for librarians, practitioners, professors, and anyone whose research interests involve environmental law.

Monica Ortale, Associate Director of Public Services at South Texas College of Law Houston is the editor of a new journal, the Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy. The journal will be published annually online, and direct submissions can be sent to hispanicjournal@stcl.edu.

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