SWALL Annual Report 2017-2018

The Southwestern Association of Law Libraries (SWALL) Executive Board for 2017-18 was Joan Stringfellow, President; Jeff B. Woodmansee, Vice President/President Elect; Carla Cates, Treasurer; Cassie DuBay, Secretary and Mike Martinez, Jr.,  Immediate Past President. 

The 2018 SWALL Annual Meeting was held in Houston, Texas from April 5-7, 2018.  There were 71 attendees. At the Business Meeting, the new Executive Board for 2018-2019 was announced: Jeff B. Woodmansee, President; Stacy Fowler, Vice-President/President Elect; Jamie Baker, Treasurer; Cassie Dubay, Secretary, and Joan Stringfellow, Immediate Past President. 

An Executive Board Meeting was also held in Houston, in which leadership made plans for the 2018-19 year, including a commitment to holding monthly Executive Board meetings via video conference, having each Board member serve as a liaison to two chapter committees to foster better communication, and undertaking a large update to chapter by-laws including efforts to better mirror current AALL policies and modernize member voting and collection of dues.

For the 2018 SWALL Annual Meeting in Houston, we awarded the Kate Mara Award, the Marian Boner Grant Award, and the Coco-Miller Grant Awardto three recipients: Amy Wall, Alyson Drake, and Katherine Hoffman, respectively.  These named grants were in the amount of $500 each, for a total of $1500 in grants awards.  As the next Annual Meeting will be held outside of Texas, we are proposing an increased amount for the three awards to help offset travel and other expenses for members that may not be able to attend otherwise to increase member participation in the 2019 Annual Meeting in Little Rock.  For the 2018 AALL Annual Meeting, AALL awarded a chapter free registration grant so we did not award an additional AALL grant.

SWALL’s total membership for the 2017-18 year was 170 members, an increase of 11 from the previous year.

SWALL held an electronic vote March 6 through March 20, 2018 for the election of the next executive board.

The new SWALL Bulletin was revamped and relaunched using WordPress software. The new web address is: https://swallbulletin.wordpress.com/

The 2019 Annual Meeting will be held in Little Rock, Arkansas from April 14-16. The theme for the meeting is Rockin’ Roles for Legal Info Pros. SWALL will solicit proposals for the 2020 Texas meeting location soon. 

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