President’s Letter

kelly_dennis10fa4a4a8f6bd683ab184ff000040cfadVolume 41, Issue 2 (Spring 2018)
By Joan Stringfellow

Happy Spring!

Wow, I can’t believe my year as President of SWALL is almost over. It has been a busy year—listserv problems and disappearing emails, many fake emails attempting to get our money, discrimination laws (aka bathroom laws), Hurricane Harvey and massive flooding—okay these might seem negative for my last letter. Alas, no. These are just examples of how great we are as a group! I want to thank all of our committees and members for a great year, but I’d like to send a shout out to the following:

Emily Lawson did a great job working with AALL and keeping us going during the listserv fiasco, transitioning to the new website platform, and keeping our website above par—thanks Emily!

Carla Cates was not going to let anyone get our money and always knew a phishing email when she saw it—thanks Carla!

Chris Dykes and the Grants Committee worked hard to make sure that we continue to honor our successor librarians by keeping our named grants—thanks Chris, David, and Wendy!

Alyson Drake and the Publications Committee have also had a busy year creating the new WordPress site for our SWALL Bulletin—thanks to Alyson, Jamie, Bailey, and Lela!

Then there was Harvey.  When Hurricane Harvey hit (and kept hitting), everyone jumped in to help, whether it was making a donation, sending supplies, or volunteering.  Hurricanes and floods are tough, but we are tougher—thanks to all!

I would finally like to thank and the Local Arrangements Committee and Program Committees for all of their hard work on our upcoming SWALL/HALL 2018 Annual Meeting in Houston #Diversify—thanks to Monica, Katy, Margaret, Lori-Ann, Richard, Heather, Joe, Mariann, Mary Ann, Jeff, Michelle, Stacy, Monica, DeCarlous, and Chris.

It’s also a big year for both groups:  SWALL turns 60 and HALL turns 40!  The program looks fantastic and I know that our Houston librarians know how to host like no other!!

thanksIt has truly been an honor to serve you all this year!!  I hope to see you all in a few weeks!!


Joan Stringfellow
Head of Technical & Electronic Services
Texas A&M University School of Law


Volume 41, Issue 2 (Spring 2018) Table of Contents



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