SWALL Committee Reports, 2016-2017

Volume 41, Issue 1 (Fall 2017)

Life Membership/Memorials Committee

Jill Henderson, the former director of the Taylor County Law Library, has been nominated for SWALL Life Membership. Jill retired September 30, 2016 after 23 years as their law librarian.

According to our bylaws, a nominee for life membership must meet the following criteria:

  • Life members. The members entitled to vote may, by a vote of 2/3 of the majority, elect to life membership those who have been members of the corporation for at least five years, but who have retired from active library work. Someone who is currently working for a legal publisher or vendor is not “retired.”
  • Life members and student members shall not be assessed annual dues.
  • Suggestions should also be requested in the fall and winter issues of the Chapter newsletter.
  • The Committee submits the list of recommended life members to the Board of Directors prior to the annual business meeting.
  • The Board of Directors will make the final decision.

Jill has been a member of SWALL over 15 years. She was spotlighted in an August 2016 article from the Abilene Reporter-News. Among her many accomplishments, the article stated she made improvements at the inmate library at the Taylor County Jail, which has been closed since the last librarian there retired at the end of 2015.

Jill also helped people who “fell through the cracks,” meaning those who made too much money to qualify for services offered by Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas. She assisted by finding books and forms that were easier to read for those who were not attorneys.

The SWALL Life Membership/Memorials Committee is honored to submit before its members in general and the SWALL Board of Directors, the nomination of Jill Henderson as a Life Membership recipient.


Recruitment Committee (Cassie Dubay, Jeff Woodmansee)

The Recruitment Committee undertook a few projects this year.

  1. In July 2016, SWALL had a table at the AALL CONELL marketplace.
    • In partnership with Robert Clark on the public relations committee, the recruitment committee finalized a high-quality SWALL recruitment brochure. Unfortunately, our table did not generate much traffic, perhaps due to table location.
    • From the few who signed our interest form, we were able to raffle off a free one-year membership to SWALL. That person was Lei Zhang of the University of Texas.
    • The brochure is available on the website for future use (http://www.aallnet.org/chapter/swall/membership/SWALLbrochure.pdf).
  2. Our committee created a form and solicited program proposals for the program committee, for this annual meeting. We received 19 submissions.
  3. Our committee also solicited volunteers for the 2017-2018 committee placements. We received 26 submissions and placed volunteers by March 2017. We prioritized this responsibility this year as we felt it was important to place volunteers in advance of the annual meeting for two reasons:
    • Members on the fence of whether to attend the meeting might perhaps feel compelled to attend knowing their committee term would begin at the meeting; and
    • We wanted to set aside time at this year’s annual meeting for both outgoing and incoming committee volunteers to discuss responsibilities and potential future plans. Many AALL committees do this, and we wanted to echo that structure.
    • We urge all members to get involved. We are often able to place all volunteers on a committee of their choice and especially encourage newer members to volunteer to build leadership experience. If you’d still like to participate in SWALL more actively, it’s not too late, email Cassie DuBay.
  4. Our final task was to take on the committee charge of forming a mentorship program.
    • The committee solicited applications for mentors and mentees. Matched mentors/mentees would be invited to an information Meet & Greet Happy Hour at the SWALL annual meeting.
    • Unfortunately, we received applications for mentors only, 5 applications total.
    • We cancelled the happy hour, and adjusted the program. You can now look for Mentor ribbons on folks who we are calling “SWALL-Stars.” If you have a SWALL question or just looking for a new SWALL friend, we recommend starting with these SWALL-Stars!


Grants Committee

The Grants Committee awarded two grant awards of $500 for attendance at this year’s SWALL Annual Meeting.  We would like congratulate the following SWALL grant award recipients:

Aizul G. Ortega
Technical Services Supervisor
Travis County Law Library
Austin, Texas

Heather Holmes
Assistant Law Librarian
Harris County Law Library
1019 Congress Street
Houston, Texas

The SWALL grants committee will likely award at least one grant award for a SWALL member to attend this year’s AALL Annual Meeting  which will be held in Austin this year.  This information will likely be sent to the SWALL Listserv and posted to the SWALL website by the first week of May.


Public Relations Committee

Working with the Recruitment Committee, the Public Relations Committee created a SWALL recruitment brochure that was used at the 2016 Conference of New Law Librarians (CONELL) in Chicago.


If any other committee chairs from 2016-2017 have reports they would like added to this page, please email them to Alyson Drake (alyson.drake@ttu.edu), Chair of the SWALL Publications Committee.


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